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Northern Colorado communities continually rank as some of the best places to live. Whether you are looking to rent or own, Northern Colorado offers a wide range of housing options, from downtown loft condominiums to bungalows and mountain homes, to secluded country life or new developments. Buyers from outside the state are often pleased to find lower prices than the area from which they came.

Weld Housing (June 2014)

 Weld, ColoradoUnited States
Median Home Age2337
Median Home Cost$184,700$170,100
Home Appreciation Last 12 mos.6.90%4.90%
Home Appreciation Last 5 yrs.5.80%-4.60%
Home Appreciation Last 10 yrs.-1.60%12.70%
Property Tax Rate$6.18$12.07
(Sperling's Best Places)

Weld Rental Averages (June 2014)

 Weld, ColoradoUnited States
Studio Apartment$534$661
1 Bedroom Home or Apartment$625$765
2 Bedroom Home or Apartment$805$957
3 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,182$1,289
4 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,421$1,490
(Sperling's Best Places)

Larimer Housing (June 2014)

 Larimer, ColoradoUnited States
Median Home Age2737
Median Home Cost$240,200$170,100
Home Appreciation Last 12 mos.8.10%4.90%
Home Appreciation Last 5 yrs.9.40%-4.60%
Home Appreciation Last 10 yrs.14.20%12.70%
Property Tax Rate$6.64$12.07
(Sperling's Best Places)

Larimer Rental Averages (June 2014)

 Larimer, ColoradoUnited States
Studio Apartment$611$661
1 Bedroom Home or Apartment$758$765
2 Bedroom Home or Apartment$913$957
3 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,346$1,289
4 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,615$1,490
(Sperling's Best Places)

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